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Properties for Sale

We have a wide array of properties available near Lake Ouachita in Arkansas. Lake Ouachita is one of the cleanest lakes in America, you will love owning property here.

If you are interested in purchasing or listing property in Lake Ouachita, get in touch with Sami.

Sami Grace

(501) 912-1236

[email protected]

SOLD – 3 Fishin Circle

SOLD – 69 Circle T

SOLD – 46 Fisher Ln

SOLD – 8 E Sycamore Dr

SOLD – 151B Vista Drive

SOLD – 25D Peninsula Drive

SOLD – 29 and 30 Hunter’s Run

SOLD – 19 Hunter’s Run

—Lake Ouachita Vacation Realty is a full service real estate company in Mt Ida and the Lake Ouachita National Park Region in Arkansas. LOVR features vacation rentals and properties in the heart of the Lake Ouachita National Forest and just moments away from Lake Ouachita. Our realtor Sami has had Lake Ouachita in her heart since her first visit in 1958. Our vacation rentals are full service and have everything you need for a quiet romantic getaway, a family trip for all ages, or a relaxing stay in a beautiful national park. There are spas, recreation rentals, and a marina available to add fun and adventure to your trip in the beautiful Lake Ouachita area.Our properties for sale in Lake Ouachita/Mt Ida range from land ready to build all the way to fully furnished homes, and everything in between. We always have listings and new ones pop up regularly.Lake Ouachita is one of the cleanest lakes in America and the largest lake in Arkansas. It is perfect for family fun – swimming, boating, fishing, and more! Don’t hesitate, get started planning your dream vacation in beautiful Lake Ouachita, Arkansas.