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An Accidental Business

Becoming part of the hospitality industry happened because our friends wanted a better method than booking online. They had nice condos and did not want frat houses or such booking wild weekend in them.

Sami was living at Mountain Harbor and had a friend wishing to rent her condo at the resort, but not wishing to book reservations online. Sami and Gene agreed to do this for her. However, even for a client of 1, they had to operate within the real estate laws of Arkansas. This launched property management by Lake Ouachita Vacation Realty.

Sami began setting a 5-star standard for her vacation rental condos. All LOVR condos have comfy beds, pillows, towels and sheets. Sami personally stages each condo before guests arrive. All units are stocked with an array of items to make guests stay more pleasant. Many condos have a gas grill. We maintain the tanks and keep them full. Guests appreciate having a choice in their grilling pleasure.

Vacationers make better condo selections with LOVR

Each condo has photos posted so vacationers see exactly what their condo is like and make a perfect selection. No surprises and everyone is happy with their condo choice.

LOVR benefits for Vacationers:

  • We put online photos of the actual condo you will be renting, not a sample unit.
  • By pre-screening guests, we can provide a superior condo
  • We are on property to help 24/7
  • Upon request, we stock your condo with baskets, champagne, gourmet meals
  • Our units are stocked with simple things to make travel easier. For instance, clothes soap and softener, flour, sugar, cornmeal, salt & pepper, regular and decaf coffee, creamers, sweetener, snack basket, homemade cupcakes, filtered water pitcher, movies upon request, baby items (potty, booster, high chair, pack and play, toys), ice chests, water rafts and toys, of course, shampoo, conditioner and soap, liquid soap by every sink along with sanitizer

LOVR benefits for Owners:

  • By prescreening guests, we eliminated damages from our owners expenses.
  • I personally stage each condo before the guests show up, increasing return visits.
  • I wash all the linens for the cleaning crew, assuring clean, sanitary linens.
  • There will never be a Spring Break party in your unit with me on the mountain
  • I mail back anything we find, no matter how small or large. It is greatly appreciated by our guests. This gives your condo repeat customers that will care for your property.